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Schlappi Transporte OHG, Kematerstrasse 82/A, 39054 Klobenstein
Giuseppe di Vittorio Str., 5, 39100 Bozen,, Tel: +39 0471 359 317 – 347 1852798
349 3437484, Stieler Michael, Udovich Andreas
18 Fl. Vinopak-Kartone (12er auch möglich) – Kosten siehe GSheet.

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  • Geschenke, Führungen (4 Weine 15€, 6: 25, 8: 35, Alte: 50)

Brand-Shops Third-Party / scuolaeccom 39€/Monat ab 20 Verkäufe/Monat, darunter 1€/Verkauf + 10% Kommission (siehe eDock), Klärung Spedition ab wieviel Fl.?, oder über Dritte wie VINO75 Toscana (Lageder, E.Walch, Falkenstein, Brunnenhof, Eppaner, Lun, Kurtatsch, Neustift, IG16000), Wine&Gourmet Italy Valpol.VR (NME, K.Lentsch, Heinrichshof, IG15000), Bibentes Milano (Haas, Hofstätter, IG1100), My Wine Shop/MetinaShop (Pauls, IG60), AcquistaInCantina (Kaltern, IG50), AMANTI EVENTS (Zemmer, Ritterhof), Enoglobe (Schreckbichl)

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#IDM#Südtirol#DigitalConnect#SocialSelling main speaker personal notes: ******************
German Ramirez @gerramirez13
get away from „we do“ to „we have a solution for you“; #MainFactors#Visibility#CreateInterest#Credibility;
#Multiplicators (144x): #Peronal 5x vs Corporate, #Engagement#Value 8x, Person/Face is much more credible then Corp. 3-6x;
Sidenote: do not underestimate networks like linkedin and xing (Wine!); #FormulatePromises / on the label: For (type of person) with (content/flavor) to (reach success/experience); SearchEngines, Filters, Algrithms, Keywords (optimize) have huge power to get from engines to persons;
Profile picture should be of a person! (no logos etc.); Find crucial Buyers on Linkedin!; Find relevant/interesting themes/content that is interesting to share for others;
Sidenote: Hootsuite can do 3 networks (incl. Linkedin), 30 schedules, 1 user for free;
Luca La Mesa @lucalamesa
#Food is among the four emotional/easy contents;
#Sidenote: create a sign on vineyard borders! ;
Let Fans/Followers decide on certain things (colors, music, etc.); Create Requests for Influencers, optimally Video Question/Answer;
Bring something valuable to followers (knowledge for winelovers); Find unique actions where fans can participate;
Sidenote: get where competition is not yet – IGTV, YT, Linkedin, TikTak;